Beautifully Broken & Beautifully Revealed-Bethany Bazile

Book Description-Beautifully Damaged

One night of unbridled sex is all Isabella Moss wanted.
What she got was sexy, unattainable multi-millionaire Liam Maddox.
He possesses her entirely, demanding things she never wanted to give to anyone.
She finds herself yielding to feelings she never knew her frozen heart could posses.
He turns her life around while unwittingly resurfacing a past she’s not willing to face.

Liam Maddox uses women for one purpose. Sex.
The broken relationships in his past have left him cold and distant.
The women allowed into his life accustomed to waking to an empty bed.
Isabella Moss was supposed to serve the same purpose.
Only now he finds himself clinging to her, sleeping next to her, yearning for more.
She changing everything and his evenly controlled life is shattered by one mysterious beauty.

This title is an erotic novel and is intended for Adults due to language and explicit sexual content.


Never read a book by Bethany Bazile and really enjoyed these two books.

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