Great New Snippet

Welcome to a new posting on a wonderful spring day.

So a few weeks ago someone suggested that I check out a new series by Sara Fawkes called Anything He Wants.

Well I went and downloaded the first book and was hooked.

Read all 5 books in a few days and couldn’t wait until the 6th one came out.

Read the 6th one last week and can’t wait until the 7th one comes out.

These are really great and I really enjoy reading her books.

If you haven’t read them please go over to amazon and give it a try.

If you have been reading them them then enjoy her Saturday Snippet.


Welcome to my first blog post.

I’m so exciting to start posting my reviews on books that I have read. 

I never really enjoyed reading as a child and have made up for it in the past few years lol

Hopefully we can connect and you can share some of your views on books that you have read.